Oct. 9 (Tue.), 2001

Early treatment and differential diagnosis of class III malocclusion
The purpose of early treatment of class III malocclusion of adolescent is correcting of anterior reversed bite normally and improving of alveolar morphology and function. And simultaneously, it is that we plan for improvement of skeletal pattern of Maxillary and Mandibular. But, we meet with the case that is hard to appear of early treatment effect sometimes. In the place, taking long term management case in an example, I consider it to want to discuss differential diagnosis useful for an early treatment.
@1: Introduction
6: Approach to Class III treatment
2: Definition and characteristics of early treatment
7: Spontaneous correction of crossbite of primary teeth
3: Problems with early treatment
8: Studies comparing effects of early treatment
4: Principles and objectives of early treatment
9: Differential diagnosis of Class III malocclusions
5: IModels of Class III treatment
10: Summary