・Graduated from Aichi-Gakuin University school of Dentistry
・Member of the Japan Dental Association
・Board Certified Member of the Japan Orthodontic Society
・Post-President of the Japan Institute of Occlusal Guidance
・Vice-President of the Japan Lingual Orthodontic Association
・Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Kyoto Prefectural Dental Association.
・Senior Consultant to the Level Anchorage System Society in Japan
・Fluctuation of the new patients.
1: POO and Informed consent.
2: Pedodontics - Orthodontics
3: QOO (Quality of orthodontic treatment)
4: 5- S (Speedy, Systematic, Simple, Satysfied, Smile)
5: Esthetic Care (Lingual Orthodontics)
6: Adult Care (Perio, Implant)
7: Crabolation
 Sankin Clear bracket.
 2:   Where should we place the orthodontic treatment goal?
 3:   Treatment and differential diagnosis of class III malocclusion in its ealy stage.
 4:   Mini-Implant, step by step prosedures and case report.
 5:   Diagnosis and clinical steps of lingual orthodontic treatment.
 6:   Case Presentation