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Changes before and after treatment are illustrated
with brief comments and photos.

Cases Treated with Level Anchorage System

1.Irregular set of teeth (crowding)
(Before treatment)
Speech and chewing functions were of a greater concern than appearance.
(After 2 years of treatment)
The patient will enjoy the super smile and healthy function for the rest of her life.

2.Protruding upper front teeth (maxillary protrusion)
(Before treatment)
Protruding teeth are prone to trauma and interfere with the playing of musical instruments.
(After 4 years of treatment)
We hope she will be active on the world's musical scene with confidence.
(Before treatment)
(Before treatment)

3.Front teeth do not meet (open bite)
(Before treatment) (During treatment)
The patient was no good at speaking in public. The open bite was corrected with orthodontic
treatment alone.
(After 3 years of treatment)
The patient now enjoys straight teeth and good chewing function
without extraction of healthy teeth.

Cases treated from the inside of the dental arches
(lingual orthodontic cases)

1.Angle Class II div. 1(maxillary protrusion)case with crowding
(Before treatment)
She requested invisible braces since she works as a receptionist in a hotel.
(During treatment)・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ (After 2.5 years of treatment)
We're truly impressed with the capacity of orthodontic treatment in maximizing the patient's
inherent beauty.
(Treatment in progress)
She initially experienced speech difficulty but gradually became used to the appliance.
(Before treatment)
(After treatment)

2.Angle Class II div. 2 deep-bite case
(Before treatment)
Treatment was initiated because of deep bite and potential TMJ problem.
(After 2.5 years of treatment)
All the oral functions including speech and eating were corrected.
(Treatment progress 1)
(Treatment progress 2)