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Inami Orthodontics' Activities in 2014

1. January 10th〜11th:
3M Lingual/Digital Advisory Board Meeting(Monrobia,USA)  Case presentation 『Some ideas of the extraction cases with large ANB and high mandibular angle for the Incognito system』 February 19th :The Society of Dentistry for Child Health and Development Oral Presentation『Consideration about the possibility and the limit of phase 1 Class II treatment (Part I )』 (How do you answer the patient's anxiety and the expectation?)

2. February 9th ,April 13th ,June 15th ,September 14th
『Lingual Bracket Orthodontics』Tokushima National University School of Dentistry

3. April 1st
『Clinical Professor’s Lecture』Aichi-Gakuin University

4. June 11th 〜13th

11th European Lingual Orthodontics in Como, Italy Key-Note Speaker『3D orthodontic diagnosis & Digital lingual work flow』

5. June 21st :

Japan Orthodontic Technologists Society Special Lecture『Orthodontic Technology and Lingual Bracket Orthodontics

6. June 19th :
Lecture at the Kyoto Orthodontists Meeting 『Feature of recent Lingual Orthodontic development』

7. June 29th :
56th Kinki-Tokai Orthodontic Society, Symposium Lecture 『Prospects and Clinical Application of the Fully Custom and Fully Digital Lingual Orthodontic Appliance』

8. September 2nd 〜3rd :
19th The Society of Dentistry for Child Health and Development Symposium『Differential Diagnosis of the class III malocclusion at the phase I (Part II )』

9. November 23rd:
32nd Japanese Society of Pediatric Dentistry Kyushu Branch Special Lecture『From Pediatric Dentistry to Dentistry for Child Health Care and Development』

10. November 24th :
26th Japan Lingual Orthodontic Association Annual Meeting Key-Note Speaker『Fully custom and fully digital lingual work flow in orthodontics』